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Amazing Children

Amazing Children

Help Children Be Amazing by Empowering Teachers & Schools

We Help Children Be Amazing...

Our goal is to help children be amazing and fully reach their potential. These children will become intelligent, successful, healthy individuals to help build a wonderful society and economy. Empowering Teachers & Schools

Swiss School System is simple. It's a system which does the following:

  1. Give children the core skills they need to become successful
  2. Help teachers of all backgrounds guide the children to success
  3. Help schools / daycares organize this - learn more

Teachers ❤️ Swiss School System

This is what teachers say about the system.


I love this system because it makes the children more creative. When they are taught this way, they can do much more than I expected.

Esther Primary School Teacher at UCDC

There are big changes to the children, especially on their behaviors, and everything. Like going to the toilet, washing their hands and eating by themselves.

Grace Daycare Teacher at UCDC

There is a big change in knowledge children now they are able to do different things themselves.
Not like before when we were telling them everything, now they are able to think and understand.
Also in their behaviors they are trying to solve their problems by themselves, not like before when they were not able.

Hawa Daycare Teacher at UCDC

This system is very good because it gives time for preparation and  as a teacher it helps me to know what I am going to do in the classroom.
It gives children freedom of doing different things at the same time.
I like this system because it gives me time to reach all the children during the lesson.
It gives me chances to think about more techniques and being creative.

Beauty Daycare Teacher at UCDC

The Core Life Skills

The following core skills are essential for a successful life. 
The Swiss School System is dedicated to teaching children these skills.

Skill #1: Curiosity

Fascination for Everything

Children are curious by nature, which helps them learn at amazing speed. We encourage them to remain curious and wonder about everything. The world is full of wonders and we help children see this in everything.

Skill #2: Research

Eager to Find Answers

Children looking for answers will learn by asking questions, reading, doing experiments and more. We encourage curious children to seek answers and discover on their own initiative. 

Skill #3: Creativitiy

Find Own Solutions Outside the Box

Creative children are resourceful as they use what they have to find novel solutions. They achieve their goals by thinking outside the box and are not limited by old ideas. We encourage open-minded, creative thinking. 

Skill #4: Learning

The Key is to Really Understand

Curious children will discover new truths and remember them forever, because they understand. We teach children to always use mind, heart and hand – as it needs thinking, feeling and experience.

Skill #5: Critical Thinking

Good Answers Make Sense

Children who think for themselves are focused on what's important. They can filter useful information and truths from distracting alternatives. We guide children to critically evaluate all answers and choose the best option. 

Skill #6: Values

Gratitude, Compassion, Honesty and Joy

Children with strong values will persevere in every life situation. We foster these values and help the children understand why they are essential for a good life.

Skill #7: Social Skills

Endurance, Politeness, Respect and Empathy

Children with these main social skills will succeed in life, school and business. We foster these skills and help the children understand why they are so valuable.

Skill #8: Autonomy

Responsibility for Your own Life

Autonomous children take responsibility and will become successful. They learn that they are responsible for their own life and fate – not the environment, government or people around them. We teach them responsibility as part of our daily school routines.

Skill #9: Passion To Dream

Dream Big and Follow their Dreams

It's important that children learn to dream far beyond what their parents achieved. And that they develop the passion and will to follow their dreams, no matter what people around them say.

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