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Amazing Teachers and Daycares

Teachers and daycares working with the Swiss School System give their children a world-class education. 

How Swiss School System helps your daycare

We will help your daycare raise amazing children. Watch the video to learn:

  1. What skills the children need to become successful
  2. How your daycare can foster this
  3. How we help you with lessons and materials
  4. How to get certified

Join Us Today

Join with your daycare today and use this amazing system!

The Teaching System

The Swiss School System is a simple, proven method to help children grow and achieve their potential. It is based on first principles and works as follows:

  1. Children must develop core life skills which will make them successful
  2. We give them an environment to develop these skills - as early as possible
  3. The environment uses modern, proven best-practices for learning and teaching
  4. We help existing daycares provide this this environment
  5. We work with simple, cost-effective materials like wooden blocks
  6. We provide step-by-step guidance any teacher can use
  7. We provide management-tools for schools to organize all this

Teaching with Swiss School System

A daycare which uses the Swiss School System has the following setup:

  1. Standardized schedules throughout the day ensure that children are always engaged and learning
  2. Prepared weekly plans guide the teachers every week
  3. Prepared subjects and lessons help the teachers create maximum impact

Learn Perfect English and Local Language

Children in many African countries must learn English at an early age to be successful. Our teaching materials are optimized to achieving this, with methods such as:

  1. All lessons are multi-language
  2. We use rhymes and songs
  3. To ensure perfect pronounciations we use sing-along music videos

Cost-Effective, Natural Materials

European schools focus on core skills using very simple material such as:

  • Wooden building blocks
  • Rocks, leaves, sticks and strings
  • Dice, pencils, scissors
  • Cups

These materials can be applied in powerful ways to help children learn everything from social skills to mathmatics. And they are very cheap, making them perfect for African daycares. 

Example of a Lesson

A typical lesson will be fully prepared by our experts and contain the following:

  1. A briefing about the lesson, goals and what the children will learn
  2. Exact instructions for the teacher
  3. Exact materials to read to the children, show pictures or show videos
  4. Exact hand-outs
  5. For lessons which require additional material, we will ensure that the children and teachers can easily collect them (like bottle caps) or we will provide them

Learning by Doing

The Swiss School System empowers anybody to become a teacher, no matter what their background. The teachers will improve their teaching skills while teaching. 

Ten-Week Onboarding Process

When a daycare joins the Swiss School System, it will go through a guided ten-week onboarding. During this time we will:

  1. Introduce teaching methods step-by-step
  2. Coach your teachers
  3. Teach you how to use our education platform

Teach the Parents

Parents are essential in helping children develop. And it is important that they understand why your daycare is different from other daycares. As such, we can provide you with:

  1. Posters which explain the core skills of successful children
  2. Posters how modern teaching works
  3. Handouts for parents so they understand what we do
  4. Handouts for parents who wish to contribute to the learning-success of their children

Certificate of Excellence

Once your daycare has been onboarded, we will provide you with a certificate showing you are part of an elite school system which really makes a difference. 

The certificate will be provided by Swiss School System and will be renewed every year. 

Join Us Today

Join with your daycare today and use this amazing system!